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Child Actor – Against the Night

Child Actor - Against the Night Production Company: RED AUDIO Producer: Red Audio & Guy Blelloch…



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You may not be too familiar with the sounds and talents of Shome, but we’re hoping to change that today. Shome is back today with a new set of visuals for his track “Enter Loot”, a dope, tough, hard-hitting cut. The track is driven by a smooth, street shaking cut that gives off an old school type of feel.

Shome takes to the track nicely, showcasing his unique lyrical ways, while the video finds the MC bringing his bars to life while taking us around the streets that raised him. Man, this shit is definitely nothing to sleep on, either are the talents of Shome. Check out the video after the jump and speak on it down below.

This Is It - Deniro Farrar (  @DeniroFarrar @BSBMUSIC )

Janelle Nadine - Replace Him ( Prod. by Billionaire Boyscout)

Elevator Jay - Rollin & Burnin (@ELEVATORJAY)


Behind the Lens: Anthony Thompson of Red Audio Filmz

By TBTEntGroup on August 31, 2012  in

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the fastest-growing brands in urban film is Red Audio Filmz. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Red Audio Filmz is headed by Anthony Thompson. Quickly, many of the biggest names in hip hop history are beginning to count on Anthony Thompson to deliver his top-notch quality. Many of the biggest independent hip hop artists turn to Red Audio Filmz for their music videos.

In addition to independent hip hop artists, Anthony Thompson is also doing music videos for major hip hop artists through Red Audio Filmz. Among the big names Anthony Thompson has worked for include Tyga, of the ever-popular Young Money, and Trouble, one of Atlanta’s biggest mixtape stars. Anthony Thompson has a large catalog under his belt and is still working.

Becoming one of hip hop’s most-coveted video directors, Anthony Thompson recently allowed Hip Hop Vibe to go “Behind the Lens” with him. During the in-depth interview, Anthony Thompson discussed the creation of Red Audio Filmz, his video work, and his background.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did get involved in creating videos? I actually got involved creating videos, because I used to watch movies a lot. So, I took it upon myself to buy a camera. After buying the camera, I did a video for one of my friends. From there things got bigger and it got more serious to me.

How many videos have you shot, to date? Probably somewhere like 300 videos. Some of them independent and some of them major. This includes music videos and small shots I have done.

You have had the opportunity to work with both Tyga and Trouble, correct? Right.

What were those experiences like? Working with Tyga was a really good situation. We really did not have a chance to talk. I came as a shooter. But, with Trouble, I was a director. We got to know each other pretty well. He is a rising star in Atlanta, but I live in Charlotte, so it was tough to build a relationship given that difference. But, Tyga has his own video directors in Los Angeles, however I loved the opportunity.

How do you feel about the success of “U Don’t Deserve Dat?” (Laughs). I’m always hard on myself, the situation seems different when you’re on the outside looking in. I only had three days to put something together, but I had a bigger concept for it. There are a lot of things which could have been improved. But, I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot the video and I made the best out of it. Everything still worked out for the best.

Would you say that video was big for Red Audio Filmz? Yeah. It was a start, I feel consistency is key. I feel the video was a stepping stone, I would like to work more with the other artists in the videos, too. Working with artists like Trouble, consistently, is good for a brand, especially delivering the same quality each time. Continuing to deliver videos of this quality and getting on television would be even greater for Red Audio Filmz.

Do you see yourself shooting more videos for Atlanta’s artists? Oh yeah. I have one coming with Rittz, out of Atlanta. I will be doing some more stuff with Trouble, too, trying to put some stuff together. I do see myself doing more videos in North Carolina, but Atlanta is definitely on my radar. At one point, I saw myself moving to Los Angeles, but Atlanta seems to be the most likely step for me, business-wise. Now, it’s all about putting people in the right position. I look at those like Decatur Dan, they started out doing smaller videos and traveling and now they are established.

Where did the Red Audio title come from? Good question. The title sort of came out of nowhere. I have always been a fan of audio, so I liked the way it sounded. I love the color of Red. Initially, the company was called So So Films, but I felt it was sort of cheesy. However, I will probably change it again once I come up with a name for myself as a director. But, Red Audio Filmz is more of a company name.

Do you have a shortlist of names for yourself? Anthony Supreme may be one I use, since my real name is Anthony Thompson. But, I am not focused on changing my name until I get bigger placement. A lot of people really do not know who I am and I like that. Sometimes, people know about Red Audio, but not me. I like it because I can still move around without people being in my face. Being openly creative makes it better for me, because I do not want to be a celebrity.

You studied film at UNC Charlotte? Actually, I didn’t. I studied socialiogy, I just picked a camera up one day and I learned everything about DSLR. But, I am still learning some things. I began working with a few other videographers and that has helped me out tremendously.

Who are some video directors you admire? Oh boy. I admire Al Nadzai, definitely him, he’s in Los Angeles and he is always on his grind, doing free work at first, before becoming major. He moved to Los Angeles and he has a strong network of friends. Decatur Dan is someone else I admire. He worked the ranks, he shot for Trouble and Trouble’s manager grew up with him. Dan did free work for Young Jeezy and others. I also like Hype Williams, Benny Boom, Little X, and many of the other video directors. I like many of the new people in the media market, also.

What do you envision in the future for Red Audio Filmz? The future, I see Red Audio Filmz keeping it consistent. Building a stronger brand, and working with more artists. Right now, we are working with Esco Jones in Atlanta. I understand more now, at first I was just doing stuff. Now, I want to work on stuff to push my artistic levels. I want to focus more on the art of cinematography. From there, I want to work out budgets with major labels.

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